Thursday, February 14, 2008


What a surprise I had waiting for me this good friend Suzanne nominated me for the E awsome is that?? I really love crusing around Suzanne's blog...her cards are wonderful and her quilts are excelent!! I'm really touched at all the nice things people have to say about my cards and projects that I post.

Now comes the difficult nomination of 3 people whose blogs I really enjoy. There are so many more than just the 3 I've listed that I love to read...

My first nomination is for Cory. I love reading her blog and seeing the great projects she completes. Her designs are not overly complicated, but still very elegant looking. I also enjoy her quilts that she shares, epecially since I'm NOT able to sew...I can really appreciate the work that went into making those mini-masterpieces.

My second nomination is for Leslie. Her blog is fun for me to read. I love the mix of projects and family talk she has. She does alot with digi-scraping which is something I would love to get into. I love to look through her gallery and get ideas for if I could just do them...:)

My third nomination is for Jen Jordon. I really like her projects. Her style is so nice, I love the colors she uses and the way she puts her projects together. I also love the family pictures and stories she shares.


Lee said...

I agree Sarah...........wonderful blogs that you've nominated!! And it's no surprise that yours was've jumped in with wonderful projects and ideas!!

Diane said...

Hi, Sarah! I just returned to the Flybaby bloggers after being away for awhile and see that you've created a new blog! Congratulations! It's wonderful! Isn't it a hoot?! A bit addictive. I'll love stopping in to see how you're doing, but you're off to a great start. And look at you...already getting the EXCELLENT AWARD. How cool is that!! Great job! Looking forward to enjoying my visits here.

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Thanks for nominating me! (sorry for the delayed thanks)