Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunflower Wreath

Hi everyone! I finally decided to re-do my fall wreath. Not that there was anything wrong with the wreath I made last year but I was just ready for a change...most of my friends know that I LOVE sunflowers so it should not be surprising that I went from fall flowers to fall sunflowers. To me there is nothing better than adding some great color to my door. Unfortunately this wreath is much too thick to put on the outside of my door ~ so we get to enjoy all this great fall color in the living room instead! Which is fine with me ;)

Goofy me forgot to take a picture of the before but it was similar to this wreath (which was our fall wreath from 3 years ago) Yes I change the design of our wreaths almost yearly, what else would I do with all the flowers I have in my room?? I also make floral arrangements and wreaths and give them as gifts to friends and family. Nothing like putting my floral schooling to good use and making my house look a little more seasonal at the same time.

I will be re-doing our Christmas wreath shortly and will post pictures of that as well, only this time I will remember to take a before picture as well as an after picture.


LadyDoc said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I have NO talent for floral arranging so I am always impressed by those who do- and you DO!!!

Christi said...

What a gorgeous wreath!!!