Monday, March 23, 2009

Flutter-by Butterflies

Hi everyone! I truly hope everyone has had a blessed day! We have spring moving through here and the temps and weather are quite nice (for now).

Kat and I did another card challenge the other day...this time we used up some supplies from a previous stamp camp.

My card is pretty balanced I think ~ I really try to follow some rules while card making. Sometimes I really think I need to become more loose like the kids are when they stamp with me, they really don't care if it comes out perfectly balanced or not as long as they are happy with the end results they are happy! That must be one of the reasons God created kids ~ to keep parents from becoming too serious ;)

Kat's card is typical Kat...she loves the grungy look of ink to paper and to tilt the panels on her cards every which direction. I really love how creative and free she is when gets to creating with me.

I hope everyone has a great evening!!

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Christi said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and that set!