Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflections of 2010

I am up early this morning making pumpkin bread for church.  Last night Eric and I went to our late Christmas party for our Sunday school class and had a blast!!  There is nothing better than being surrounded by good friends and having tons of great food :)  There will be lots of great stories from that event for awhile...  At one point I looked over for Eric to find him comfortably having a discussion with several of the men in our class and had to just smile :)

I almost can't believe how seamlessly Eric has fitted in with us ~ we are getting to do things I never thought possible in my old life.  I have a partner who enjoys interacting with others and who loves to laugh.  One who enjoys spending time with me and my kids ~ how wonderful is that??  One who loves to say out of the blue lets go out and explore our area ~ be it attractions around St Louis or to a movie or out to dinner ~ but always something fun!

I have been told many times that Eric is so good for me ~ most of my church family haven't seen me smile this much ever...that made me think and look back on the following year.  2010 was a year of big changes for us ~ moving, new schools, new friends, new lives...I am ever so grateful for all the changes we had both the good and the bad.  The lessons we learned from those changes, be it pleasant or painful have stayed with us and encouraged us to look upon our lives and the lives of others much differently.  I am oh so grateful for the people in my life and wish I could bless others around me with the love I feel for friends and family.

My wish this year is to follow Gods word and spread His love for us to everyone I meet.

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