Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Oh my goodness!!!  Time has just flown by since I posted last and our lives have gone with it...We have had so many changes happen since I posted last as well.  Let's see....Eric has moved in with us and we are planning a fall wedding, his son Ethan has moved in with us as well so we are a bit of a full house at the moment.  I have changed jobs, which is a great thing for us.  All in all life is good ~ I have a man who loves me beyond belief and one I love even more than that.  The kids are doing great for the most part ~ Kat has gotten her permit and is learning to drive with Eric...I so can't believe that someone I gave birth to is already 16 and learning to drive a car!!!!  She has also set her sights on the Air Force Academy for college so we are gathering information and seeing what we need to do to make her dreams come true.  Dan is a regular member of church with Eric and me.  He went to Branson a few weeks ago with the church for a Youth Christian Weekend and had a blast!  It is also hard for me to believe that my "baby" is 2 inches taller than me and already 13...where does the time go???  Ethan has had a few adjustment issues but we are trying to get all the bumps worked out.  He loves to play the piano and is quite good.  Praise the Lord ~ we have a good life here!!!

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